Beginner Series
- Bonus Disk includes the same lessons of the Introductory DVD-

-Mrs. Seidel highly recommends learning violin with both the Beginner Series and the “Picture Yourself Playing Violin” fully illustrated book, a powerful combination-

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Lesson #1: Ba Ba Black Sheep Lesson #5: Ode to Joy
Lesson #2: Lightly Row Lesson #6: The Yellow Rose of Texas
Lesson #3: Song of the Wind Lesson #7: On Top of Old Smoky
Lesson #4: Go Tell Aunt Rhody Lesson #8: Minuet in C
Lesson #9: Minuet in G
     The lesson series is designed to provide the same level of instruction as provided in private Academy of Music Performance studio lessons. As such, a true beginner should start with the Bonus Disk of the Beginner Series, and proceed step-by-step through each additional lesson at their own pace. Orchestra students with one year's training may wish to start with the Intermediate Series. The Beginner Series is designed to teach the true beginner through the Suzuki® Method how to read music, how to hold the instrument in proper playing and rest positions, develop proper bowing technique, and playing in tune while using the easy to follow fingering tapes provided when you purchase the Beginner Series. The Beginner DVD Series has 4 DVD's packed full with 9 lessons. Over 4 hours of instruction. Includes the music book, fingering charts, and tapes to place on the violin for finger positioning. Also, the whole family can learn violin for a very cost effective price when private lessons cost $912 per year for one person. Finally, I know learning violin on your own is difficult, that is why when you purchase the Series, you not only get studio quality instruction, but you also get to E-mail a Professional Teacher with all of your questions.