"I am enjoying the direct and clear lessons. I currently have a violin teacher just
wanted to view your dvds for practice. Your lessons have helped me understand
what my present teacher tried to explain. My daughter and I are learning a lot
from your videos. We have had several teachers, but no one does as well as you!"
-Sonya from Ohio, USA
     "I wanted to let you know that I was able to successfully tune my violin tonight and
also apply the fingering tapes as per the instructions you gave on the video (you
are very good at explaining things). So far, I have found the videos to be very easy
to follow and useful. I must say that you know how to explain things and make
them appear easy."
-Danny from Ontario, Canada
     "[My children] are very excited to get started with this violin program. We have
had violin teachers before, but scheduling conflicts and travel time, sometimes 60
miles round trip, have always interfered with consistent lessons. Not anymore!
Thank you for developing this program."
-Martha from Florida, USA
     "I purchased the Beginning and Intermediate programs. We had no music
experience prior to the lessons. As we continue to watch the lessons and play
various songs our music awareness is developing. We know when to rest and
when to slow down, beginning to read notes, etc. Currently we are using the DVD
lessons only, private lessons were rather costly. ($140.00) monthly per person.
Mrs. Seidel explains each lesson clearly and we are improving as we practice.
When I e-mailed Mrs.Seidel I was able to get a quick response with details. We
have began to use our Intermediate series and it may be a while before we need
an advanced series, but when we do we hope there is a series available. We are
thankful for the DVD classes. Private teachers are available once a week and
sometimes you need additional viewing and help. These DVD classes can be
viewed over and over....
- Sonya and daughter from Ohio, USA
     "I purchased the Beginner Series for my 7 yr old son. He has no prior music
lessons nor private lesson teachers. Since we received the DVDs, he has been
studying on it mostly on his own, I only have to do minimal explanations to him.
My son says you do the lessons slow enough for him to catch up on, and clearly
for him to understand well. He also thinks that your teaching expressions are
nice... So far, he has gone through the bonus disk about 20 times, and with that,
he clearly understands how to properly hold the violin, the bow, do pizzicatos,
etc... He really likes the DVD lessons and the fact that he doesn’t have to leave
the house to get lessons and also that he can go back to the lessons over and over
again. I honestly agree with everything he's telling me right now as I write this
response. We will be purchasing the next series of DVDs."
- Jose and son from California, USA
     "All I can really say about your product is it's amazing. I love it!! I purchased
the Beginner DVD set and I am so impressed with it and you. My daughter has
jumped right in and is progressing nicely. She wants to play all the time and hates
to put her violin away. We learned so much about the proper care and
maintenance of the violin in the Bonus DVD. I found the Bonus DVD to be
extremely educational and I don't think we could have gotten started off so well
without it. The lessons are easy to follow and the pace is perfect. I also like the
small reminders that are perfectly placed throughout the DVD regarding posture
and bow hand. I love the fact that my daughter has a private teacher whenever we
want her. This is her only teaching tool and it's amazing that tonight she played Ba
Ba Black Sheep for her father perfectly (okay, it may not have been exactly
perfect but it sure sounded great to us!). She and I were both amazed and she was
jumping up and down with joy of her accomplishment. When I had a question
about her lesson you were so quick to answer and so encouraging and helpful. I
was amazed by your response. I truly love your product. I feel that my daughter is
definitely on a course of becoming a great violinist and I have you to thank for it. I
realize we've just started out but with all the enthusiasm we have I think it will last
for years to come. I would definitely recommend this DVD series to anyone, and I
have. I will definitely be purchasing the Intermediate Series as soon as we're
- Pamela from Florida, USA
     "Thank you so much for getting back to me so promptly. I am happy that I
purchased your product. It is very unique. I bought other violin books, which do
not cover half of what your Series 1 covers (care of violin, how to tune it, how to
hold it, etc., etc. I love the tempo of the lessons. I can replay each lesson as many
times as necessary. Very worthwhile investment.
P.S. You make lessons "fun" for a very challenging instrument."
- Susie from California, USA
     "Thanks again for making these lessons on dvd. I never would have been able to
afford private or even group lessons, and your dvd lessons make me feel like I'm
in the studio with you, and I can take my lesson at a time that is convenient for
me -- like when my kids are asleep or at preschool. You have made a dream come
true for me.
I have not had any private violin lessons, only what Mrs. Seidel taught me on the
DVD's. Mrs. Seidel clearly explains everything on the DVD's and the lesson
material is easy to follow. Very "user friendly." By following her instructions and
taking my time trying to get up to tempo, I have been successful in playing all the
songs. And even if I had not already understood Key and Time Signatures, &
Rhythm Values, I would be able to after her explanations. Understanding bowing
technique and how the notes transfer from sheet music to the violin has been very
easy thanks to how Mrs. Seidel explains them in her Video Lessons.
I have only had a couple of questions for Mrs. Seidel so far in the two months
that I have been using the DVD's, but she has answered them promptly and more
than adequately . After mastering the beginning series I would definitely consider
ordering the next series to improve my current skills and learn new ones.
Thanks to Mrs. Seidel for helping me realize a life-long dream of playing the
- Jennifer from Georgia, USA