Violin Lessons

DVD Lessons VS. Private Lessons
One Year of AMP Beginner DVD Lessons = $95 (with E-mail access to Mrs. Seidel, a Professional Violin Teacher)
One Year of Private Lessons = approximately $912
Two Years of AMP Intermediate DVD lessons = $155 (with E-mail access to Mrs. Seidel, a Professional Violin Teacher)
Two Years of Private lessons = approximately $1,824

  Academy of Music Performance
"The Leader In DVD Violin Lessons"

Beginner Series equals to one full year's worth of private lessons
Intermediate Series equals to two full year's worth of private lessons
Each Series includes it's own music book as well as easy to follow fingering charts
The techniques to read music notation and apply it to the violin 
Each lesson is approximately 20-30 minutes in length
Hours of instruction on several DVDs
Beginner Series Includes easy to use fingering tapes to show the student exactly where to set each finger on all four strings
Interactive menus make accessing specific parts of lessons as easy as a touch of a button
On screen sheet music uses moving arrows to highlight notes, helping students follow and maintain rhythm
The AMP Collection has multiple DVD series designed to take the student through each skill level for continuous violin education
AMP violin lessons on DVD is like having a Professional Violin Teacher in your home ready to teach or review any lesson, 24/7
The ability to E-Mail Mrs. Seidel, whenever you have a question

5 Step Method to learn violin

from the AMP's lessons on DVD

1. Cover all notes names and Key Signatures
2. Count all Rhythms with the Time Signature
3. Beginner Series: Pizzicato all notes slowly while learning to set and play every note in different finger patterns with in the lesson song
4. Bow every note slowly while concentrating on bow placement and technique, and at the same time learning specific practice methods for difficult measures and fingerings
5. Apply all learned knowledge by studying the lesson song at performance tempo

     Welcome to the web page for the Academy of Music Performance (AMP) Video Violin Lessons. Through my years as a violinist, coupled with a Private Music Conservatory Education and the experience of 12 years of one-on-one teaching, I know how to present clear and easy to follow instructions to my students. The Violin Videos are based from the same methods of technique and performance that I use in my School of Music.

      Each series contains several DVDs jam packed with hours of studio instruction; the equivalent of over a year's worth of private lessons. The entire series utilizes many close-ups and a variety of viewing angles to demonstrate proper hand position, finger patterns, and finger setting techniques.  Our unique way of presenting material in the videos will enable the viewer to see both the fingering hand in detail and the on-screen musical notation for an easy to follow instruction.  In addition to the learning sections, which teach how to count, read note names, and use specific finger patterns, students are also provided with bonus material of both a slow performance and one at 'performance tempo' for the song or technique learned. Interactive DVD menus allow students to quickly access any part of the lesson at the touch of a button.

      It is my sincere hope that students find the AMP video lessons not only educational, but a source of inspiration and fun with the violin.

Sincerely, Mrs. Bridgette Seidel